If you are a successful bidder, please leave a final comment to let us know how you would like your gorgeous tie to be delivered. Next, go to
and click on the Sponsor a participant link, type in my surname Oliveira and donate your successful bidding price.

Otherwise, you can still go for one of the great remaining ties from the collection!
GOING TO a great friend Jean François Levy

Wedding tie: this tie's gloriously over-indulgent silver patterns shine on a black background; it is clearly a Versace piece, luxurious to the eyes and touch; and it has been worn on the 25th May 2002, for our wedding ceremony

Roger Troth: $100
Ruben Ramos: I like it, offer $150. Best wishes to Roger and family. Roger I appreciate all your help back at IC!. Clara, Gaby, Ruben Jr and myself sent our love
Jean Francois: I offer $200 for this beautifull piece.

GOING TO the Chinese John Shen
Integration gold: the integral calculus of the area under a curve, on a beautiful gold background

Michael Fleming: This is so "Roger" that I just have to open the bidding here with AU$200.
Ian Loveless: Anything with an equation on must be the truth, and therefore worth more. I bid AU$300.
Stephen Butler: Sorry boys, this one's mine, $400.
Michael Fleming: It wouldn't be an auction if I only made one bid. $450 going..going....
Stephen ButlerNo way Fleming. $550
John Shenhere comes the Chinese again! $600

GOING TO a lady, Lesley Francis

Australian hands: golden hands on a brown background; this tie will come to you in a lovely box upholstered in the same fabric

Gerry & Felicity: Hi Guys Great idea !
I love the hands on this tie as I feel it's many hands joined together that can help us find a cure.
We're with both of you every step of the way.
We'd like to bid $250

Lesley Francis: I bid $350. Being an Aussie living in the UK I just have to have this tie. Best wishes Roger & Claudia. Lesley & Trevor.

GOING TO our dearest secure aussie friend, Michael Fleming
Australian pink: graphic designs in pastel colours on an absolutely gorgeous pink background; this tie will come to you in a lovely box upholstered in the same fabric

Richard Fechner: $100 - for a great tie - yes
Michael Fleming: I am secure enough to wear pink. $200
Tracy Fleming: Don't be cheap, it is worth at least $300 which I will bid.
Michael Fleming: You're not supposed to bid against your husband! Seeing you have set the precedent my new bid is $400.
GOING TO a serious bidder, Stephen Butler
The Rosetta Stone: this is my all time favourite, it displays some of the stone's hieroglyphic, demotic and classical Greek scripts; a historical parallel corpus used to help decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing

Gaby Osborne: Opening bid of $65
Biliana Tasevska: Raising the bid to $100. Go Claudia and Roger!!!
Gaby Osborne: $110!
Jean-Francois: Raising to $200.
Stephen Butler: $250
Jean-Francois: This tie really deserves a better price: $280.-!
Stephen Butler: $350 for the tie that help mankind translate the hieroglyphs!
Michael Fleming: $400. Stephen, have Red Rain's books been audited recently?
Jean Francois: I am not leaving the race that easily ! $450 is my offer.
Stephen Butler: Ok, we're getting serious - $500.

GOING TO our dear dear friend, Gerry Leniham

South Park: our American heroes on a lovely blue background

Gaby Osborne: Opening bid of $65
Gerry & Felicity: Sorry Gaby, got to keep things moving.
I'd love this one in my wardrobe.
Even my tw boys would approve !
We bid $250
Gerry & Felicity: Now that should have read "two boys".
Felicity would not want her name on a spelling mistake, so better apply a $50 fine and 3 demerit points
Bid is now at $300

    Roger Troth

    Roger is parting with his beautiful ties to support cancer research.

    These are his favourite ties: bid start at $40, and will be open until 21st of June 2010.

    Click on Comments and place your bid.